Welcome to KICI

KICI is the largest independent clothing collecting charity of the Benelux (Begium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg). KICI has been committed to the re use of textile and footwear professionally as of 1975.

KICI does so by having the textiles and footwear be sorted; based on wearable or non wearable. The wearable textiles is back in circulation in countries outside Europe or are given to thrift stores, food banks or back in circulation outside Europe.

The non wearable textiles enter a high tech process of pulping and recycling, generating fibers of which new yarns can be made that enable us to make products such as jeans, relief blankets or insulation material for housing but even table tops, doors and yes: even new collection bins for garments.

We do not receive subsidiaries and fund our own operations independently.

KICI collects textiles by using the well known green textile containers, door-to-door collection promotions and in cooperation with the business community. KICI chooses to cooperate with innovative corporations distinguished in the area of social responsibility and sustainability. We aim to conduct our activities in such a manner to minimize the occurrence of an ecological footprint.

The result of all these activities, the profit, is entirely dedicated towards charity.

As a matter of course KICI is certified by the ‘Centraal Bureau Fondsenwerving’ (CBF) which entails, all donations made by you will end up in the right place, this is guaranteed. As expected KICI is an ANBI acknowledged foundation with the appropriate fiscal advantages thus allowing you to donate tax free. The Red Cross has been our main beneficiary since 2009.

KICI annually processes more than 10 million kilograms of textile and footwear and supports more than 70 charity projects. In the meantime KICI has donated about 30 million euro to various charities, making KICI one of the biggest fund raising charities of the Netherlands. Moreover by recycling the textile KICI contributes substantially to a sincere and sustainable society.