About KICI

Since 1975 KICI has been collecting excess textile and garments in the Netherlands. The collection is done through the well known green collection bins, door-to-door collections or in close cooperation with other organizations.

The collected textile, fabrics and garments is transported to one of the five sorting centers cooperating with KICI. In the sorting centre the textile is sorted per wearable and non wearable clothing. Wearable garments are marketed in the Netherlands or other mainly eastern European countries, moreover it is being donated to for example social food banks. KICI does not dispose of the non wearable garments, such as those with holes, but tries to find new applications for them. KICI is constantly searching to develop new applications of the non wearable textile. This led to the possibility to use textile as isolation material, relief blankets and as a resource for new garments in general.

The revenues made by the collection of textile are completely dedicated to charity. The Dutch Red Cross is the main beneficiary of KICI. In addition KICI supports many more charities on an annual basis.